Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web


Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Workgroup


Microsoft SQL Server 2012



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  1. thanks a lot for thoz keys. i'll give a try. really

  2. Yes. Man Thank a lot. I'm find this for a long time.

  3. Muchas gracias fue de gran ayuda.

  4. The serials didn't work :(

  5. thanks a lot..good post.

  6. 1st one worked like a charm, i really needed this :)

  7. realy thank you tis serial numbers it is works.. finaly.. i searched on web and i tryed it's works all

  8. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition serial worked. Thank for your share...

  9. are this key for 32bit or 64bit? I am running 64 bit and not working.

  10. heavily working :) for the lastest version from Microsoft Server (download using Java)

  11. hi, can anyone post the serial key for "sql server 2008 R2 enterprise edn"

  12. Thanks It works with MSSQL SERVER 2008 R2.. GR8

    ~ Microsoft Lover..

  13. Very Thanks.. Nice to used for testing and learning in development.. Again, thanks a lot.. :)

  14. The enterprise one works like a charm, thank you so much

  15. Can any body give me serial for "sql server 2008 R2 enterprise edition x64"

  16. You are a life saver man ! god bless.

  17. Hi
    I installed trail of sql 2008r2 for customer after reading in one the forums that I could later update with any version I buy, "not enterprise" know Microsoft told it is not possible and customer already installed his software any solution for that

  18. Hey! for SQL server r2 just use
    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer
    it work for my sql server r2 trial.

  19. awesome guys very easily to upgarde to full edition of sql server 2008 r2 : just use this key and njoy! the full features key : PTTFM-X467G-P7RH2-3Q6CG-4DMYB

  20. It works for enterprise edition.

  21. can u give a serial key for sql server r2 datacenter edition..............??

  22. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
    Data Center Edition


    This key worked for me.

  23. Very good! Thanks!

  24. Excellent, Thanks a lot. Its very useful

  25. SQL SERVER 2008 R2 x64 key please

  26. Thanks!!
    It's work with SQL SERVER 2012 R2!!

  27. PTTFM-X467G-P7RH2-3Q6CG-4DMYB
    This is works for 2008 R2...thanks

  28. Hey!! Great. Those keys helped me in a very difficult situation! Thanks a lot, GOD BLESS!!


  30. Hey Guys,

    If you want a gauranteed activation license (instantly) Please let me know. I can send you one for 20 USD

    I can have access to all keys of your choice.

    Curtis dot

  31. thanks a lot

  32. Anyone got a key for SQL 2008 R2 Standard?

  33. did any body have serial number for sql 2008 r2 standar. I need

  34. if you guys liked the serials, will like better the serial maker...

    Serial Maker for all version of SQL Server 2008 R2: Server 2008 Keygen.rar

    Enjoy!!! free of virus.

    No joke!!!

  35. Please use the following product keys for MSSQL2008R2:-


    Data Center


  36. Works for me Thanks.

  37. THANKS A LOT. . . .


  39. Thanks Man... Worked for me for 2008 Enterprise one.

  40. I downloaded ms sql 2008 enterprise evaluation.the trial version. Non of the keys worked for me. What do i do please.



  42. Anyone has any serial for the 2012 version?

  43. Thanks a lot..
    it works fine for me.

  44. Thanks man,
    This key worked for me:

    (enterprise) R88PF-GMCFT-KM2KR-4R7GB-43K4B

    sql server 08 R2 x64

  45. thanks a lot.. worked for me

  46. I need a key for SQL 2012 !

  47. You rock Hirushan! One big man-hug from wader,

  48. i require a product key for SQL Server 2012 enterprise

  49. Anyone a key for SQL SErver 2008 R2 Enterprise x64???

  50. JD8Y6-HQG69-P9H84-XDTPG-34MBB

  51. Thanks, but it is not working...

    The SQL Server product key is not valid.

  52. Thank you very much buddy...yep all key's are working... :)

  53. wow, such a great and useful information

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  54. I agree with Pest Control. I wish there were more open and safe places like this for developers to get necessary product keys.

  55. Thanks alot............!
    1st on worked while upgrading SQL SERVER 2008.
    I was facing with the problem for so many days.......!
    once again thank u very much.....!

  56. Gracias!!!

  57. very good... thanks for sharing sn sql server 2008...

  58. Hi,
    Do you have the license key for SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition?
    Thanks in advance.

  59. Hello
    Found the SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition license:
    Best wishes.

  60. Dude, you are awesome!

    I downloaded MS SQL Server 2008 R2 eval yesterday and i confirm the below key.

    This key worked for me:

    (enterprise) R88PF-GMCFT-KM2KR-4R7GB-43K4B

    sql server 08 R2 x64

    Kudos to all the commentators as well.

  61. You just amazing man..
    Hats off ! good work !
    keep it up... >>> Thanx! :))

  62. thx:)

  63. Thanx

    very helpfulllll.........

  64. OH MAN,, thankfull

    AMAZING,, this product can make me unbelievable, it's work man. correct for installer MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2 X86

  65. I have a volum licens for MS Sql Server 2008 R2 some have a key for this?

  66. thank you so much.. i really appreciate you..

    prince chawla.

  67. ijin sedot gan serial nya...

  68. I'm download serial keys gan...

  69. Hey thnx for this. Do u have a key for SQL server 2012?

  70. Does anyone have a serial for SQL 2012?

  71. Hi,
    Do you have the license key for SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition X64 Bit
    Thanks in advance.

  72. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for key.

  73. any one can help me to send sql server 2012 enterprise addition X64 key
    on this id

  74. Anybody with the SQL 2012 Enterprise key?

  75. Hi guys,

    The following key working for me with SQL SERVER 2012.


  76. any one can inform me. After accept the Enterprise key need any activation key in sql server, or not
    and how i can check expire date
    or its never going to expire.

  77. Thanks a lot.

    First one for the enterprise edition worked lika a charm.

  78. No body know this

    any one can inform me. After accept the Enterprise key need any activation key in sql server, or not
    and how i can check expire date
    or its never going to expire.

  79. THank you very much

    as developer we sometimes cant afford the software

    thank you

  80. Excelente post.


  81. do I have to upgrade from sql 2008 express to enterprise evaluation and then use the key,,, or can work directly from sql express ??? PLease confirm anyone ???

  82. Thanks for this post, I Apreciate. Best regards !!

  83. SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition:

    This key works... thanks to all...
    I upgraded my trial version...

  84. any one can inform me. After accept the Enterprise key need any activation key in sql server, or not
    and how i can check expire date
    or its never going to expire.

  85. Very useful information. Thank you for sharing it. Thanks 99th

  86. Just downloaded sql server 2012. Hope this key works

  87. Is this for the CORE license? Or do I still need user CALs?


  89. really helpful keys

    thanks a lot :)

  90. wow

  91. I need a key for SQL server 2008 r2 please

  92. Please,help me.
    I'm working on SQL 2008 R2 evaluation and now it is expired and none of the codes above is working.(Developer)

  93. Has anyone got the key for 2012 Standard Edition?

  94. Has anyone got the key for SQL SERVER 2008 Enterprise Evaluation

  95. hello friend when i am open the sql server am getting this error message
    cannot connect to myname-pc; A network related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to sql server.(provider :named pipes provider,error :30-could not open a connection to sql server)(microsoft sql server,error:2) please help me to solve the problem..thanks

  96. Yeah! thanks.
    it worked for me...
    SQL Server 2008 - R2

  97. SQL SERVER 2008R2 Standard x64 key plz.

  98. please friends can anyone help with visual studios 2013 professional product key. thanks

  99. I found this after 3 Hours of continuous search... And Hell yeah this Blog's Contents works....

  100. Could any one provide me the working of product key for SQL server 2008 enterprise version. I was tried for above provided keys..But nothing is working for me.
    Pls share if any one have the license key for Enterprise edition SQL server 2008.

  101. All are fake fucking shit....

  102. Ma sedot yg mana gan ?

  103. Hi,
    Do you have the license key for MS SQL Server Standard 2012 X64 Thanks in advance.

  104. Thanks For the keys

  105. This is very useful information shared here. I am really thankful for this.

  106. I need temporally key for standard edition. Any one have SQL 2008 R2 Standard edition key?

  107. Hi ,

    Can I get Key for MSSQL 2012 Developer Edition for X86_64 [64-bit] .Any one help me

  108. It works. Thanks. :-)

  109. can some one give me a link that how to download microsoft sql server 2008 and then use that keys in it

  110. Thank you.

  111. Awesome SQL 2008 R2 was upgraded from expired evaluation to datacentre edition.


  112. Thanks a lot buddy.

    My SQL Server 2008 evaluation upgreded perfectly using the below key.

    Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise (JD8Y6-HQG69-P9H84-XDTPG-34MBB)

  113. Can anyone please get Key for MSSQL 2014 Enterprise Edition. Any one help me

  114. Hi i have sql server 2005 developer edition CD bur i am forget my key i need to install my system again please help me


  115. Nice work

  116. Your keys are working... :) Thank you Buddy for Keys... You Rock...

  117. There is also the site .Hope can help you.

  118. Thanks a lot , Sql is important especially in Mobouka

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  121. Thank you for sharing. If someone want to buy another key. Here is a

  122. Thank you for sharing. If someone want to buy another key. Here is a

  123. thanks a lot 2nd worked

  124. Спасибо ребятки помолго,sql server 2008 раскачали по полной!!!

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  126. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Release Candidate 0 x64 (Working Perfect)

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  128. SQL Server 2008 R2 Web Edition key

    i need pls i will pay