Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel, the national mobile service provider, having launched the first Super-3.5G HSPA network in South Asia in December 2007, announced that it has successfully tested HSPA+, which is capable of delivering downlink speeds of up to 28 Mbps.
In pursuit of its vision to lead Sri Lanka towards an infocom and knowledge rich society, the National Mobile Service provider has advanced its core network with latest HSPA+ powered by MIMO technology, in order to facilitate ICT infrastructure to eventually realise 'Broadband for All' in our country.

The increased speed has been achieved with the installation of MIMO (Multiple-input-multiple-output) technology which effectively uses multiple antennas in both the handset and HSPA network to split the radio signal into multiple streams, upgrading the existing network by enhancing network capacity and user experience, and thereby providing a more promising platform to offer more data based products and services to customers.

The HSPA+ trialing was possible thanks to the efforts made by its strategic technology partner Huawei, a leading mobile telecom infrastructure solutions provider in global telecom industry.

"We are happy to announce the very latest HSPA+ MIMO deployment ensures the future proofing will provide improved and superior mobile broadband experience to our customers throughout," said Leisha De Silva Chandrasena, Chairperson - Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel.

"Not only will this highlight Mobitel's stance as the technology frontier in mobile telecom sphere, but its commitment in keeping with its pledge to offer next generation services to our valued customers."

With the launch of M3 in December 2007, Mobitel was the first in South Asia to launch HSPA technology, enabling customers to enjoy mobile broadband speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps Down link and 2Mbps uplink.

Having claimed the technology leadership in the region, Mobitel now takes another giant step making its network next G ready with the deployment of the latest HSPA+ powered by MIMO technology, which supports up to 28.8Mbps Downlink.

Yet another first in South Asia, Mobitel's HSPA+ and other complementary services will be available for its valued customers when the market is ready for commercial launch.

Suren J. Amarasekera, CEO Mobitel had this to say: "We are proud to say that Sri Lanka is in par with any other developed country in the world in terms of adoption of latest ICT technologies. Sri Lanka became the first to launch 3.5G in South Asia and now marks yet another first in the region with Mobitel's HSPA+ deployment. We firmly believe that keeping up with the latest technologies is necessary to meet the challenge of transforming our country to an infocom powered 'i-Sri Lanka' which we consider a prime duty that has been bestowed upon us as the national mobile service provider."


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