p>Insert Sinhala Unicode Characters into SQL Database

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  1. Nice Work....i like to contact you trugh the e-mail can you please publish your e-mail pls...

  2. Hi,

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  3. Hello,

    I think you may have a solution to an issue I have. I am creating a database of rainforest fragments in Sri Lanka. I would like to store species names in scientific (latin), English and Sinhala.

    I was going to use a SQL Server 2005 Express database. Do I take it I need to go to 2008? And would SQL Server 2008 Express work, do you think? Appreciate your advice to mike@townsvillenet.com.au

    Mike Edwards

  4. I just found out this blog..
    Im also studying @ SLIIT 3rd year and working..
    I have a problem with unicode with jasper reports regarding to my company project..
    If u can assist me to a solution that would be a great pleasure..
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  6. Nice work and this was useful for me. Thanx and keep it up